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Oral hygienic treatments

Plaque removal

Establishing and maintaining optimal oral hygiene is an essential condition of neat appearance and healthy life.

Despite of the proper teeth brushing techniques and the use of dental floss the dental enamel gets often discoloured and calculus may form at places that are difficult to access.

Calculus is a discoloured calcified deposit on the surface of the teeth, which can no longer be removed with a tooth brush within the frames of domestic oral hygiene. Its colour can range from yellowish white to black, and it can appear under the gum or above it which is visible also for the patients. Plaque is not only an aesthetic problem but it may also cause illnesses of the gum. Not removed plaque accumulated in the course of years may lead to the decay of the tooth’s frame and slowly to the losing of the tooth.

In case of preventing and treating gum inflammations the regular, accurate plaque removal from under and above the gum is of utmost importance.

In the course of the treatment the plaque is efficiently removed by using a modern ultrasonic depurator without injuring the dental enamel.

Sodium-carbonate plaque removal

After the removal of the plaque the surfaces are thoroughly and gently polished using high-pressure water and pulverized salt. In the course of the procedure the fresh aroma flavoured air/bicarbonate mixture is blown on the tooth surface in the form of a watery spray. The sandblaster is harmless to the hard tissue of the teeth and it very precisely eliminates all deposits and discolouring even from the inaccessible interdental spaces. With this procedure any external discolouring caused by smoking, red wine, coffee, tea, or drugs of iron or nitrate content can be quickly and easily removed. It polishes the teeth and the result is a totally smooth surface.

Oral hygienic advice

A professional oral hygienic treatment is recommended 3-4 times a year, but minimum twice, in order to preserve the health of our teeth and gum.

The smooth, one hundred per cent fur and plaque-free tooth surface, which the patient is already able to maintain with tooth brushing at home, may only be reached through regular manual and mechanical cleanings performed in the dental office.

We provide our patients with oral hygienic advice. We help them learn professional oral care which often necessitates special tools and methods.

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